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Localisation : France
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Date d'inscription : 15/04/2008

MessageSujet: Forum's Charter   Mer 15 Avr - 14:13

Hello expensive impassioned,

First of all I wish you on this forum of devoted to our friends the N.A.C. So that we all can benefit fully from this site I will kindly request to you to apply the following charter:

This forum is a space of discussion and of mutual aid between stockbreeders, it constitutes a small community and this is why you will have to comply with the following rules in order to preserve an agreement as well as a pleasant environment.

You will meet on this Forum of the different people of horizons, you will have to thus show of tolerance and respect towards each one. And this passes amongst other things by the application of simple rules of bases which you will have to read completely.

Post in the good Forum: reflect well before poster in order to choose the adapted heading, this for two reasons: a easier answer to your messages, and to avoid with the regulators moving your messages in the heading adapted each time.

Not poster several times the same message: this would be regarded as spam and your messages would be removed.

Quite readable and well spelled messages: Present clear ideas to your readers so that they answer you the best possible one, stain to avoid the spelling errors, sometimes even if your regulators make some proscribe, the phonetic language or SMS.

Choose an explicit title: No the title of the kind “to the help!!!” “help me, help” Choose a title reflecting the contents of your messages so that your readers can by seeing the title, knowledge if they can help you or not, and that more easily.

Be polished and courteous: the wounding coarseness, insults, slandering, mockeries and vulgarity are prohibited and can involve sanctions, such as the banishment of the Forum. In the same way for the remarks extreme, racist, discriminatory, paedophiles and discriminatory. On the other hand humor is the come good and it is even of rigor.

Will be able to thank: When a person answered your question, thank, it is normal besides for it.

Reduce your images: do not post gigantic images, for a more pleasant vision, respect the executives of the pages. Do not post too heavy images in weight not to overload the waiter and in order to offer better a navigation has all our visitors and members.

No answers by e-mail: do not ask answers by email, you are on a forum the purpose of which is to divide and to exchange. If you wish that a person answer you by e-mail send to him a message deprived directly thanks to the forum, but do not create a station for that.

Publicity on the Forum: this one is tolerated, if it relates to a site on NAC, a post only, but it is more particularly tolerated if it is discreetly in your signature….

Some small precise details so that the things are well established:

- All post impolite, disrespectful or insulting will be erased and will involve a warning or banishment.

- All post containing coarseness will be erased and will involve a warning or banishment.

- All post comprising language known as “sms” will be unobtrusive.

- All post filled of spelling errors and for which it will be obvious that no effort of second reading was fact will be unobtrusive.

- All post addressed to a person in particular will be unobtrusive, except if we consider it useful.

- All post transfering with the discussion which does not interest anybody other that two stockbreeders will be likely to see themselves unobtrusive.

- Very first post in a subject not comprising greetings will be likely to be seen unobtrusive.

- All post comprising errors in the scientific names will be likely to be seen unobtrusive.

- All post not comprising a precise subject will be likely to be seen unobtrusive (not “assistance please” but “need helps hygroscopy”, not “seeks” but “seeks eggs of this species”, plus you will be precise, less you will have of risk to see disappearing your post).

- With an aim of facilitating research in the Advertisements “Sale, gift, exchange and research” and so making this forum clearer, it is obligatory to begin the title of its advertisement with its object, placed between 2 hooks, (or brackets for the users of Mac computers.) Example: [Sells], [Research], [Gives], [Exchange].

- The use of the scientific names is desirable with that of the vernacular names.

- Recall: the scientific names are written in fatty italic (Latin), the kind takes a capital letter, the species is written into tiny (Example: Phyllium sp. ).

- All diffusions of video cassettes, supports CD or DVD concerning of the recordings of television programs of which the rights of diffusions are reserved, are prohibited on the forum.

- The sale, the exchange and gifts of local or indigenous species (ex: Clonopsis gallica, Mantis religiosa) is prohibited, only the requests for information concerning these species are tolerated in “the Forums”.

To finish, in the event of problem with the administration or moderation, thank you to contact the people concerned.
Thank you for your comprehension and the efforts which you will make with an aim of making the forums more pleasant to read.
It is authorized to think that you are now with the current of the rules to be respected, we wish you a pleasant visit and a good breeding.

Here is, Good Visit
In a friendly way,

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Forum's Charter
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